Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Back in the Habit

"I've been gone for a minute but now I'm back with the jumpoff" -Lil Kim...IDK it felt relevant at the moment I was typing it all Anywho I'm back. Finally got stable internet in mi casa and now I will be blogging my little heart out on this site as well as on I now have a weekly blog on, entitled "As Told By Amber". The site will have other bloggers as well and it's just a blog about my take on the world. Similar to this blog but less personal. So if you like what you've been reading or had been reading on this site prior to my unannounced hiatus then head on over and read my debut blog "I hate Musicals", it's an interesting POV at American's Sweetheart the musical. Anywho I'm glad to be back. I will most definitely update you all on my status and how my journey since my abrupt dissapperance from the web. Thanks again for all of your support and encouragement. I read all of my comments and do my best to respond and visit your blogs as well. Continue to support me and I will support you. Looking forward to writing and sharing a lot more.

Your blogger,