Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I am such a jerk. OK not really but I realized that I do say "No" entirely too much...well sometimes not enough. In particular when people offer me things, that's the first thing that I say. I say No Thank you to whatever it is that they are pedaling or pushing. I don't want it. I just can't help it. Growing up my parents really enforced that don't take candy from strangers rule. This guy that keeps coming into my job to fix/work on people's computers always asks me about these headaches I get and today he's like. I have a whole case of smart water in the car. Want some? I'm like no, because one you'd have to go downstairs and come back upstairs and bring me the water and then every time I saw you I'd have to thank you for the water you gave me. I just don't want that kind of responsibility. It's too much for me. So yeah, I'm not about to just start saying yes more, just realized I'm a reject-er even if there is nothing wrong with the product (I'm talking about another situation in my head...Whoooooooooooooo). So maybe I should have taken it, that's expensive stuff!!!

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