Friday, October 17, 2008

Sharing to share

Have you ever wanted a do-over? Do you remember playing handball against those huge blue walls in the middle of the black top, calling out things like white magic, black magic, rainbows, bubbles or pops? Well I do! And I especially remember making a slip up which I wouldn't admit then but in retrospect was all my doing but trying to get over on my opponents I'd ask for a do-over. Does anyone feel me this morning? Well in all my flesh, I slipped up. Not super bad(no pun intended but if it's there, laugh a little) but anywho I just lost track of my goal, my desire, I guess my purpose or you could even say that I lost heart. Something so simple yet I refused to do it. I don't have to say what it is, fill in the blank for your own life. With that said I just asked God for a redo or a do-over. I wanted another chance to try to pass the test. So I guess this morning I'm just saying Thanks for the Do-over.