Friday, December 19, 2008


I would apologize for my absence but I'm not sorry one bit. As far as I can see this has been the best time of my life and it's only the beginning. I am just getting started. I'm not who I used to be and I'm not who I'm supposed to be. Or maybe I'm not who I thought I'd be. I'm just me. I've entered a place of no return and now all I can do is work. All I can do is prepare. All I can do is read. All I can do is lift my hands. I've been hiding for too long. Now it's not like captivity as I thought it to be. Now I am sharpening my weapons preparing for the battle. Now I am drawing my schematics out so that the plan can be implemented. Now I am really doing what needs to be done. A time is coming when no man can work. We will eat but not by our traditional work. We will hide in the dark places not to blend in but to expose the darkness. Our light will overtake all the evil and again the world will be safe in time to come. We will expose the threat that lurks behind the lion. For thou he roar, his bark hath no bite. I will be as who I was created to be since the beginning of time. All things will be made new. A refreshing is coming. The planting season is over and the rains have come. If anything we are in the eye of the storm. Waiting for the next rain so that we may be tested. For what we planted went through a burning season. The land was torched and only what was fire proofed made it through the storm. Now what remains and has survived the fire has been watered. Today the sun shines and the seeds will receive their fill. However when the day is done, they still need time to grow. Next we must receive more rain. It has to come. It may be cold but it's refreshing. Don't you remember the fire. It was hot. After the rain, the sun will come to nourish us again. After he has come then we will grow once again. We will have a growth spurt. Once we have reached maturity it will be time for us to be plucked and the process continues.

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  1. If I understand you, you're saying that we are living in important times and Christians must be alert, ready for the leadership of God as He directs us. I believe you are right, too. Blessings.