Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Our Staycation in Review

In my post, Anniversary on a Budget, I shared how me and the Mr. were going to have a staycation versus a vacation for our 4 year wedding anniversary since we are really trying to pay down our debts. Read post here about our crazy goal to be Debt Free by May 2018. Our Staycation is officially over and I have to say that it was surprisingly amazing. I had the best time hanging out with my hubby. We felt like newlyweds on our honeymoon all over again. Although we were at home it didn't feel like it since we didn't have to work. We usually are out of the house by 8:30am or 9am (we work in entertainment so don't judge us by the late time) and we don't get home until after 7:30pm or 8pm most days. It was so refreshing to sleep in and not have to be anywhere right away. We stayed up late too. We both are night owls so it works for us but it was nice to just not have to be anywhere. I shared a few posts of what we did during our staycation and linked them under the specific days before if you care to read. With that said I'm not going to recap the activities really just what we spent and where we spent it. As usually most of our money was on food.

Here's how much we spent?
  • Day 1 - $15.75
    • 2 Metro Tickets - Roundtrip - $7 
    • Distant Worlds Concert - LA Live (I'm not counting the concert tickets since they were purchased months ago but if you must know it was approximately $220.) - $8.75 - We bought drinks (Bottled Water and a Sprite)
  • Day 2 - $45.51
    • Dinner at Chick-fil-a $20.01
    • Movie - Jurassic World $25.50

  • Day 3 - $64.17
    • Beach Day
      • $12 for parking
      • $4 for bottled water 
    • Dinner at True Food Kitchen - $48.17 (The first and the last time we will be having dinner there.)

  • Day 4 - $15.50
    • Desserts from Buttercelli- $15.50 (So Yummy. Vegan and Gluten Free too!)

  • Day 5 - $0

  • Day 6 -$0

Our Grand Total = $140.93 or $35.23 for each year we've been married...lol.

I'm so surprised that we kept it under $200. That's good for us. I will definitely do another staycation, it was so worth it and stress free. We had a blast and feel like we really celebrated our love. I'm grateful for all the well wishes. I love this man and our love and can't wait to see what the future holds. Alright so the secret is out, this is what we spent on our staycation. Leave me a comment and let me know if you think this is reasonable. I'd love to hear from you and any tips you might have to help us save on future staycations and as always thanks for reading!

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