Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Staying the Course

July came with some unexpected turns. We had to spend money that we did not plan on spending and thus our debt carving was a little less than expected. I don't regret it. I'm actually very impressed with the progress that my husband and I have made on our debts. If you look to your right you'll see I've added a debt tracker to the sidebar to help you see how far along we are with paying off our debts. As of July 2015 we have paid off 1% of our total debts. We paid over $600 towards our debt! Woo Hoo! That makes me very happy. Extremely happy that we have made necessary sacrifices in our life in order to make this happen.

What's even more exciting is that we are learning to stay the course. Although we paid less than what we wanted towards our debt we still stayed the course. An important lesson that is going to help us out in the long run. We could have given up and said oh well let's just push our debt repayment plan to August and use the "extra" (it's not really extra) money to have fun this summer. You need new clothes, I need new clothes. Let's just splurge! Nope. We didn't do that although the Camarillo Outlets are not that far we said no to our fleshly desires and we pursued our financial goals. Because this is what's going to matter in the long run.

As hard as it is to think about 3 years from now it's really not that hard. Time flies these days, it felt like only yesterday I was in college and before that in high school. Now I'm married (4 years in...Sheesh!) and working a real world full time job for a big corporation. Sometimes I do want things to slow down just a bit. However these are daily reminders that one day I won't be in debt and I'll look back and remember the sacrifices that we made for 3 years so that we could have the life we really wanted. The house we really wanted, the freedom to work for ourselves for lesser money because we don't need as much since we don't have debt. That's what really matters.

And as always I want to encourage you to stay the course with whatever goals you may have for yourself. Whether that be to pay off debt, start your own business or whatever, just remember that this is a very temporary situation. It's not going to be like this always. You will struggle and sacrifice for a little while so that later you can enjoy the results of your hard work. Keep your mind stayed on the goal and if you get off track just remember you can always start again. Alright guys thanks for stopping by and as always thanks for reading. Leave me a comment down below about where you are in relation to meeting your goals. I really do enjoy hearing from you guys. :) Have a great day!

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