Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Knock, Knock!!

I could bore you with a corny knock knock joke but I'll just jump to the punchline. 
Orange-you glad I'm back! 
Ha Ha Ha! Get it? Woo, I'm a real riot! 
So...(Adjusts imaginary tie, clears throat.)
I took some time off to work on a few goals and prep for the direction I wanted to take my blog and other businesses. My last post was in August and one of my main goals for going on a hiatus was I wanted to complete my first e-book. To meet that goal I joined my first mastermind group. In that group I received constant support from the members and the awesome mentors. I felt confident that taking a break from writing for the blog was the best choice for me. The advice I received kept telling me to speed up. Set a deadline and write. Work your butt off for 30 days and put out a product. Don't think about it just do it. And the more I tried to fit into the mold the more difficult it became for me to write. For one I didn't enjoy it anymore. It felt like a chore and the ideas didn't flow like they had before. I wanted to write this book but the truth was, I was still in debt. I still had a negative net worth so how could I provide financial advice. The questions I was asking myself were all valid. I needed to search deeper. 
Somewhere around late September I abandoned my book idea as well as the mastermind group. I had shifted focus once again. This time I went back to soap-making. I thought maybe the business I wanted to focus on was a physical one and not online. I began making strides, filed for my DBA with the women's business center in my town. I was on my way again. This felt so right! This is what I should be doing, I just know. Well if that was the case how come I still had this nagging feeling to write. How come it is that when I'm not writing I have a million ideas for blog posts and books. As much as I wanted it to just be one thing it's not for me. 
For as long as I could remember I've always wanted to be a renaissance woman aka Jane of all trades. In High School I would talk about my dreams of becoming an actress and business owner. I wanted to diversify my reach so that in every season I could turn a profit. These were the musings of a 17 year old. I thought I had it all figured out. Heck when I think about it even in college I would work 2 or 3 jobs and I even did taxes on the side. I would charge $10-$20 per tax return. I was doing college kids taxes (1040 EZ). Most of us were only getting $100 to $200 at most so I would charge approximate 10%. I would also teach people how to do them as well. I always wanted my own business for as long as I can remember. 
My goal is is now not to limit myself but to find a way to incorporate all my talents. I must find a way to use my gifts and talents. I can't just do one thing. I've tried it and it doesn't work for me. So with that said my focus is on creativity and encouragement. I have an ebook that I'm working on that encourages those in debt to stop living paycheck to paycheck. In the book I share several reasons why you can't afford to live in a place of perpetual lack. If you know someone that could use the swift kick then stay tuned, I'll be sharing the pre-order link next week. The book is due to release January 5th! I'm excited!!! 
I'm also working on my soap business. I have filed paperwork with the women's business center and now I'm building my brand. This piece was so important to me and with these changes to my business it's going to open up so many doors. I've also started working with two awesome voice over actors who are helping me with my demo reel. This is something that I can do in my spare time to start massaging my acting skills. My hubby and I actually have both been working on our voice acting skills for the last few months. We even bought a microphone. Most of the audio is unusable but it's helped us to figure out which part of the voice acting business we'd fit best. We always do voices. ALWAYS. So why not learn the craft and get paid to do it.
With all that said I'll be blogging again on a consistent basis. Which means this December you can expect a post from me everyday, starting today! Majority of my posts from here until the end of the year will be about Christmas in some way or another. . So stay tuned for all the Christmas Cheer! Also I missed you guys. During the break so many people told me that they were reading my blog. It surprised me. I had no idea some of you were reading. Thank you to everyone who enjoys what I write and follows my journey. I do share to be a blessing to you all. So please leave me a comment below if you're glad I'm back and as always Thank You for reading.

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