Friday, March 14, 2008

Love Without Conditions

Lately God is showing me how I lead a conditional life. Most of what I do or do not do is based on conditions. If - then statements like If I get paid then I'll give this. If you call me then I'll go. If they ask me then I'll do it. If they don't apologize then I won't either. If they make a right turn I'll go in front of them. If this outfit doesn't work, then I'll change this top. I know that's pretty simple but I've been shown how that translates into my relationship with God, other Christians and even myself. More importantly I've noticed this about my love(actually it's His Love). I give it sparingly. Sometimes I want to love God and other times I want to feel neutral towards Him because although I've submitted my life to Him I really haven't done so. I submitted it to Him under the condition that I would have life and life abundantly, that he's gracious and full of mercy, that He knows the plans for my life...etc. I have submitted my life to Him under the condition that everything will work out the way I want it to and that's not real love. I shouldn't want to love God only for the blessings that He will give me but because He first loved me and never stopped. Since He forgave me I should always love him no matter what and even better than that He's God, the one true, living God. And loving Him...guess what? That means loving His people. That means automatically I should just love them. I should just look at them and love them. I should just see Him all over their lives and thank the Lord for them. However the truth is that I don't. I get jealous and envious of other believers, I get mad at unbelievers, I get hurt by friends, and I often stray from God's Will creating this false reality that He's forsaken me when in all actuality I'm the one who left Him. It's time for the conditional love to stop it's time for us to just love. When a thought arises outside love, we should cast it down. I say reject sin/burdens/lies/drama basically anything that can and will keep you from being in holy communion with the Father. Then accept His Will for your life. And Love. Love your God with everything that is within you. Love Him for who He is and if you don't know who He is then ask Him to reveal Himself to you. Ask Him but go after Him. Look for Him to show up in your life. Ask Him to make the foreign things plain. Then while you are learning to Love God unconditionally, Love your neighbours, brothers, sisters, all humanity and Love yourself.

So Let's learn how to Love without the conditions.

I love you all.


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