Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I thank God for rest in his presence. I'm just learning what it means to slow down and do things in excellence. For the longest, I have juggled so many things and done them poorly and I always thought that if I slowed down then I would be losing out. Losing out on adventure, fun, friends, boos (boyfriends), blessings, etc. I always thought if I wasn't in on what was going on then I would never know the purpose or plan for my life. I want so desperately for the promises of God towards me to be fulfilled and sometimes it seems like they will never be but I know that he's a God of faithfulness. Even though I'm not faithful in my prayer time, my word time, my worship time, in fasting, in living this walk of Christ-likeness out or anything, he's still faithful. The sun and moon still rise and fall and it's because he's faithful, not me. My prayer is that I would learn to be anxious for nothing but offer the cares of my heart to him in prayer. That I wouldn't worry as much as I do about who I will marry, if I will be a good mother, what will my final career path look like, or when will I be debt free? Lord these are things my flesh would lead my heart and mind to believe are of desperate urgency to know when all that is in front of us is preparing us for glory. All things are working out for his plan and purpose, which is good but everyday we have to submit our life and day to him so that we are not walking in our own selfish desires. Lord forgive me for not surrendering my day to you earlier. You are so awesome. You are so great. Have your way. Do with my life as you please, it may be uncomfortable but I know that it's fulfilling.

Lord my prayer for today is that you would increase the urgency for prayer and rest in you. Show us how to be so submitted to you. Lord you are so awesome. Have your way. Move by your spirit. Show us the way, the truth and the life. We are leading false and poor reflections. Guide us. We need you now. Show up father. Move me out of the way so that you can do what needs to be done in my life. Show me the idols. Show me the thing I hold near and dear to me. I need you so much. This is your life and day. Have your way!

In Jesus Name


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