Wednesday, September 17, 2008

BB 10 [Big Brother 10]

Dan is the Man! If you didn't know well now you do. This is my new show. Along with Fringe and The Hills. I'm just sooooooo juiced right now. I'm sooooo happy for Dan, he got money for being America's Player for one week plus he won the $500,000. Memphis didn't do too bad either, he won a car plus $50,000 and Keesha got $25,000 too. Let's not forget April and Jerry and their lil bit of cash and of course Libra and the infamous Hawaiian Vacation she snatched from Michelle. Go this was such a good season. I lowkey like reality tv. For a lil bit I will admit I thought that it should just dissappear altogether but this show has rekindled my love affair with reality television. It is offical...well at least for now. Today was a great day. I will share some more thoughts on my mind tomorrow. I just wanted to stop through and let the blogspot followers know that I was here today just didn't drop anything. Well it's off to midweek service. Good night folks!!

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