Friday, September 19, 2008


What's up with Thursdays? I personally think that Thursday is the new Friday. No offense to Friday but by the time you roll around everyone is so tired from the school or work week depending on what you have going on, Fridays just aren't what they used to be. However since Thursday is here just 1 day earlier then he gets more attention and excitement. Making it harder for you to do something on Friday because you are tired from Thursday and now looking forward to hanging out or doing something special on Saturday. Maybe since I live in a college town and all of my roommates are still in college it just seems that way.

My transition from college into the workforce has been a slow one. Since I live like 5 minutes walking distance from my Alma Mater it's like I never left. Plus the church I go to is filled with college students. Which is not a bad thing, please don't misinterpret what I am writing. I guess I am just searching for my identity in the big world. More or Less the world, mostly just looking to God, like how do I fit in this big ol puzzle? I know there is something on the inside of me but how do I get what is on the inside of me, out to the rest of the world. I know I was created for greatness but was I really created for greatness?

I'm working on this poem that I want to share at 1st Fridays, an open mic kind of expressions night which people seek to display their talent and glorify God with their gifts and the poem has been so hard to write. I say that because for one it has been literally so hard to write. I've been trying to organize what and how I want to phrase things and thinking about how I will emphasize certain parts of the piece and it's hard ya'll. To summarize it in a nutshell. I never knew who I'm thinking about all those movies where it's at this super dramatic point and the main character is crying and they're like..."I never knew my father" trying to poke fun but I feel like I'm like I'm saying to myself "I never knew myself". Lol...that's soooo how I feel right now like I never knew me at all. I am worth so much more than I give myself credit for being. I am precious and I am beautiful so that's just a lil bit of what I keep to myself or maybe even hide of myself.

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