Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm a Christian, so what does that mean?

I'll tell you what it does not mean. It doesn't mean that I think I'm better than you or because you are different than me that I hate you. I love you, yes you who I don't even know. What it does mean is that I challenge myself to live a lifestyle that will please God. Yes you guessed it. I love Jesus Christ. I read the bible. I pray. I go to church regularly and I believe that Jesus is coming back just like he said he would. Am I trying to pressure you to serve and believe in the God I believe in so that you can be "brainwashed" like me...notice the quotes this is sarcasm. First of all I don't need to prove that God exists, He just does. My prayer is that He would reveal himself to you so that you may know for yourself, yes so that the truth that I love and embrace might transform your life and so that you might seek to do the Father's will. Yes I want you to believe what I believe but not so I can prove that I am right or belittle you or so you can be apart of a cult. Dude my life is great but I can't keep this goodness on the inside of me. I want to share it. My passion is for people. My passion is to see people truly turn to God and repent of their sins (which not everyone wants to do because you first have to acknowledge that you sin, meaning you fail, you fall, and are essentially not perfect or even worse not that super good person you think you are). Following God is not easy but its rewards are great. God has truly smiled on me, no literally he smiled on me when I was born and for years...19 to be exact...I ignored him. Anyways that's a novel in and of itself. However my point is that I love Jesus Christ. So If Jesus Christ loves you and I love Jesus Christ then I must love you the same way Christ did and if I don't then check me on it. For real but don't assume I'm one way without even knowing me.

Anyways I don't want to end on a sour note. I'm just sharing this because it's on my heart. Some one out there thinks this, it may not be about me it may be about their mother who they feel puts the church over their family or their daughter who is involved in campus ministry or maybe it's a best friend you grew up with who's life has gone a different direction because of their devotion to Christ. Anywho I don't know but God does.

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  1. Hi Amber, I'm a Christian too. If you want to check out my blog, it is http://threeswans.blogspot.com I'm moved by your witness here. It puts things well, and looks to me as if your words are God-given. Blessings. I just said a short prayer that God will bless you always. I left another post elsewhere, but this one is separate because it is devoted to this subject only.