Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm Just So...

...thankful to be alive. Thankful to be living. Happy to be here. Even though my life is way different than I planned it to be I know that it's exactly where God has planned for me to be. Lately I've been learning that to be discontent with the temporary means that I have a lack of understanding of who my heavenly father is. I say that because if things are not going your way and you are upset about it and you are praying and worshiping your way through it and nothing is changing. God may be trying to tell you something. Trust and believe I'm not trying to be spooky but if you are single and discontent and mad that every time you try to hook up with someone that it does not work then you may be discontent with God's plan for your life right. Please understand that I am speaking about my personal experience and what's going on with me and in no way shape or form is this blog absolute. It's just my opinion and what I'm living and what I know to be true. Anywho I'm coming to understand that there is a reason for everything even the bad things that may have happened in your life. God knows about them. He saw them. He may have even planned for them to happen because he knew that they would make you into the individual that you are in. I'm not saying to thank God for crazy things, like Thank you Lord that I was robbed and beat or raped. I'm not saying that at all. I'm saying Thank God in all seasons. Do not draw away from Him when you are hurt and you think that He is responsible. If anything confront him, pour out your heart and soul to Him because unlike the people in your life who are human, God's not going run or lie (He's not the son of man that he should lie or have to repent, lowkey I know it's in the bible but too lazy to run to right now to get the address of the scripture) but anywho I'm learning that when I open my heart and life up to God that I am giving Him an open invitation to infiltrate my life in however he sees fit. Which means how he see fit may not match up to how I see fit. See how I see fit may be God blessing me with a promotion with a fat raise at my job, as well as bless me with some extra checks in the mail to pay off my credit debt and car loan, and bless me with a boo(not just a boo but a husband who I'd call my boo forever), my own place, a fly new wardrobe, etc, etc, etc. And the whole time God is like nope, press. Let's press for my about I build your character so that I can send you into the nations. Yes Amber those things that you desire are great but there is a time and place for all things and right now I want to work in you. I want to develop you more. You are the woman that I created you to be but there is more that I require of you as well as more that I want to do in your life. But if you let me in, I promise you that I will do the work if you let me in to do the work.

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