Tuesday, September 30, 2008


We need to fight for what we want and that may not look like what we think fighting looks like. We may have to submit in order to fight. We may have to be quiet in order to fight. We may have to sit in order to fight. I think about past relationships and friendships and how sometimes we had to fight in order to grow. It was in our disagreements that we actually grew closer. We needed to communicate but didn't know how and it took some tension to build up between us in order to actually express ourselves so that we could get past this stagnant place that had become so normal and comfortable. Today I feel like God is encouraging us to fight. Fight for what we believe in. Fight for those we love. Fight.

Fight (when used as a verb with no object) means to engage in battle, or in a single combat, attempt to defend oneself against or to subdue, defeat, or destroy an adversary.

Who is your adversary? Who's been fighting you?

Hmmm when I think about engaging in battle it makes me think of all the times I have avoided controversy because I didn't want to stand out or be different or because I wanted to just blend in. I don't think God is calling us to blend in. I think he is calling us to separate ourselves. I think that God is calling us to be set apart.

Whatever it is that God has called you to do or to separate yourself from, PLEASE DO THAT. However know that you're going to have to fight. Don't run from the battle. Perfect Love casts out fear, right? Then let's not be afraid. We are soooooo dangerous. We have power. People are waiting on us.

Can you encourage someone today? Can you step outside of yourself? Can you stop worrying about your empty gas tank, didn't you make it to work or school? Someone else didn't make it their destination. Someone else didn't wake up. Someone else is depressed, can you go tell them about the truth that lives in you. Man we know all this. I'm not saying nothing new because there ain't nothing new under the sun.

Can you give thanks to God? Thank HIM.

Man we got to fight to pray, fight to praise, fight to thank, fight to love, fight for everything that is important to us. God is giving us grace so let's give it to someone else today. Let's love someone. Let's do the report ahead of the due date just to make some one else's job easier. Let's treat someone just because. Man let's go against the grain not for the heck of it or even our sake but for HIS Name sake!

Can I tell you something?

We win this fight!

Alright that's it for now...just wanted to encourage you the way God did me this morning. Man I needed it to. Because lowkey, I had in my mind that I'm a lover not a fight but lowkey God has called us to be both. Is HE not the lion and the lamb? Precious and Mighty. Man....ya'll don't even know...lol...alright. Have a good day!

I love you all!

Amber Rhodes


  1. This is a great witness, Amber. It's true - as you would understand, we have to fight against our own inclinations at times in order to honour God and do His will, and follow His example
    in ways like loving someone, when if they've annoyed us our human inclination is to do the opposite. And as you say, we're not called in to just blend in and keep the peace. We are called to be 'in the world but not of it', and to stand for what is right and not just conform. It's great that God put this on your heart, and I'm grateful you shared it. It was good for me to read.

  2. Amen. Yeah I couldn't contain it. I had to share it! Fighting is good for the soul...lol. No but seriously it was a fight just to post that.

  3. I've been reading your post again, and some of the others, thinking about the things you say. As you say, there is a time for Christians to fight, and not by force of arms but by their actions in NOT doing certain things. Passive resistance can be awesomely
    effective. In the past I felt driven to write a post called "Scared Of Christians" because I really think some people are; and it's not fear of their aggression, but because Christians will NOT do certain things that others make money from. Christians may watch thousands of films, only those of the right quality. And there is big money in the X-Rated film business. The same goes for alcohol. Christians do not have to be completely 'dry' but they drink less than many others and if there was a real revival the alcohol industry would suffer. And so it goes on. Christians can fight by passively refusing to do certain things others want them to, and it denies those others the gain they might want to get from it. This is a good thought you present here. Blessings.