Monday, November 3, 2008

Super Tuesday

Hmmmm what if Christians repped CHRIST just as hard as they repped OBAMA? Notice that I said "CHRISTIANS" before you start to comment! What if they rocked CHRIST SHIRTS, BUTTONS, PINS, ETC. What if they signed up to work his campaign? CHRIST's Campaign that is. Nothing against OBAMA (I like him) but what if we flew across the country to tell ... Read Morepeople about JESUS CHRIST and the HOPE that's in HIM! WOW, what a difference that would make in people's lives? That's why it's gotta start with my life! I live for CHRIST therefore everyone that runs into me, will SEE the HOPE in my life because of CHRIST! No RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES or Shenanigans here, just the LOVE OF CHRIST!!! SO WITH THAT SAID, I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

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