Monday, November 3, 2008

To Be or Not To Be

I want to share all that is within me. There's so much in me that is just sitting and wasting away. There is hope, there is truth, there is love, but most of all there is CHRIST. He resides on the inside of me so if anything I would want to introduce you to him that he can give the true gift that keeps giving to you. I would pray that you would accept him into your life because you are accepting the words that I am speaking or writing at this second not as my opinion but as the Word of God. My prayer is that all men would come to know the love of CHRIST. It's so strong. It's so gentle. It's so eternal. Once you get a taste, I love the scripture, "Taste and see that the Lord is Good". I can't remember the address but it blows my socks off. I think it matches the mind of most people, we love samples, trials, freebies, etc and this scripture seems almost like a dare, NO A DOUBLE DOG DARE. We are being admonished to try God. To just take a taste. Have you ever tasted a sauce you were making, or a special dish and you wouldn't to make sure that it would please your guests. Didn't all it take was a small taste to know that it was good. Didn't you only need to get the flavor of it in your mouth to know that it was seasoned just right that you didn't need anything else. Well that's how Christ is! All you need to do is take a small taste. Nothing major just a little taste to see if he is good. There is no need for refunds or exchanges because you won't be going back to your former life. You will be living an eternal.

LOL...I am literally laughing thinking about my thoughts and desires as a child. I would watch these shows and movies about immortal characters. I think it was Buffy the Vampire Slayer that really had me sold on this idea. I think certain characters made potions or found a way to be immortal and the whole idea really seemed cool. Especially since the idea of death really weirded me out, this idea of eternal life seemed so cool. I think I would go to bed praying that I too could live forever. I didn't want to die but I wanted to live. Over 10 years later, what do you know? I am immortal...okay not in a literal sense but in a figurative one. I have eternal life granted to me by my heavenly Father. So because Christ resides in me, I will now live on with him after this life. How exciting? after death...or immortality as I'd like to refer to it.

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