Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Don't Be Afraid to Walk Alone

As much as I want to include everyone on this journey that I'm embarking on, I realize that not everyone can join me. Hear me now, this isn't a blog post about cutting people off or how there is a reason and season for every relationship. Although there are times in your life that you need to leave certain people alone and recognize their reason and season for being in your life and when that reason and season is over but that's not this post. I'm specifically talking about inviting people to have a more active role in your journey of self-discovery, dreaming, planning, growing when they may have only been called to watch from the sidelines and cheer you on. I'm the queen of inviting everyone and their brother along to do what I'm doing. If I discovered a cool way to manage something in my life then I will break my neck to share with other people so that they too can get the same revelation. I want my co-workers, friends and family to reap the same benefits that I have or join me as I do something and the truth is they may not join me. And the freeing thing about it is, that's okay. It's okay to go it alone sometimes. It's okay to have a dream that not everyone understands. It's okay for people to disagree with you. It's okay.

Make no mistake, I do heed warnings and ponder all the advice that I receive but ultimately I have the final say in my life. The fact of the matter is not only may it be unhelpful for you to drag other people into the process you are going through but it may also but unhelpful for others as well. Because we're not all called to do the same thing and we're definitely not called to do it the same way or at the same time. What makes you unique is your perspective and execution. Two people could both run a restaurant but do it completely different. It doesn't make one way wrong it's just different.

I believe there will come a point in time when you can include people into your journey. The degree to their involvement may vary from person to person but discern when that time may come. If you are still figuring out what you are doing and how you want to do it then that may not be the right time. If you are feeling very protective and sensitive then that may not be a good time either. Ultimately you want to include people at a point where it is mutually beneficial for the both of you. I'm being a bit vague with the subject matter but this idea could really apply to any aspect of life from finances, career, starting a business, parenting, a romantic relationship, etc. The main point is just understand that you may have to go this journey alone and not to let that hinder you or discourage you. Not everyone understands what you see and therefore not everyone can support you.

As I grow and learn in some new areas in my life I am very specific about what I share so that I don't take on hitchhikers or drifters. I love my friends and family but now may not be a great time to divulge all my plans so when people ask what I'm doing I may be a bit vague. I may only share a portion of what I'm doing for the time being as so to respect my process. The intention is not to be distant or disrespectful but at all costs I must protect my vision. Lastly I want to encourage you if you have been feeling down about the lack of support you have received for a project, idea, transition, goal, lifestyle change, etc. Although it may be tough and it may hurt, take some time to evaluate the response you received. Maybe this is a time when you must go it alone. Maybe your vision still needs to be clarified before sharing. Maybe the people you shared it with don't have faith to believe because they've never done it. Whatever the reason don't give up just make a conscious effort to continue regardless even if that means walking alone.

I know this was a lot to share in a post but it was on my mind. Leave me a comment if you've felt like this, are feeling like this or have had to let someone go it alone. And as always thanks for reading.

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