Monday, June 8, 2015

Welcome to the Creative World of Mrs. Kaye

Are you following your dreams? Are you living with passion? If not what's holding you back? These are some very real questions I had to ask myself recently. I realized I wasn't where I wanted to be. I had this fire back in the day for the dreams that were placed on my heart but somehow over the years the flames went from being a fiery furnace to lowly pocket lighter.  But what do you do when the flames are going out? What do you do when you realize you’re not where you want to be?  My answer was to start over.  It sounds daunting but once you take the first step it can be quite rewarding. I started evaluating where I was in relation to where I wanted to be and how long it would take to get there. I started writing again. I started acting again. I started creating again. I’m not where I want to be but I’m on my way. Mrs. Kaye Writes will be the outlet through which I share my adventures in vegetarian/vegan cuisine, my thoughts, my poetry, my advice, debt free journey, creations, experiences, and ultimately my life. I hope that you are encouraged, inspired and entertained. I invite you to come along for the ride.

Here's a little of what you can expect:

  • My Adventures in Vegetarian/Vegan Cuisine

    As I traverse through this new world of vegetarian/vegan living I want to share with you my experiences trying new foods, recipes and maintaining a balanced and healthy diet.
It wouldn't be summer without some [veggie] ribs?

  • Words directly from my heart

    I truly believe that God speaks to me through my writing. He whispers thoughts and ideas to me that I then ponder and pen. It's an intimate process. One in which I have no control. I am simply the vessel.

Summer Love

Lake still and rocks skipped

Lips soft and eyes locked


  • Exclusive Access into lab of Mrs. Kaye's Creations

      I love making bath products such as bath bombs, body butters, bath salts and body bars. I will share some of my latest creations here too.

Yummy Body Butter Souffle


  • My Debt Free Journey

 I’ve been inspired to reduce my spending and pay down my debt as soon as humanly possible. I will share ways I make extra income to pay down those debts.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I appreciate all the love and support as I follow my dreams with passion. This is just the beginning. And as always thanks for reading!


Mrs. Kaye

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